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We offer worldwide shipping for our handmade linen items!


LINENTERRITORY stands for sustainable, natural and premium quality handcrafted linen home textiles. 

We believe that linen textiles should be both functional and beautiful. With our unique color palette, handcrafted design details and individual approach to every client, we celebrate effortless style and natural beauty.

We love linen. We have chosen the finest for our homes, and would gladly share this vision and passion with you.


Our philosophy

We believe in sustainability, respect for planet Earth and its resources.

We stand for timeless style and slow, long lasting fashion.

We create home textiles and clothing that is designed to look and feel good for years.

We bring to you the finest of Northern Europe’s natural and authentic lifestyle.


Our linen and its qualities

We’ve researched the preconditions of the highest quality linen. It is the cool and humid climate of Northern Europe and its well-drained soil that guarantees the finest quality.

The beauty of linen’s natural, yet smooth texture brings comfort to our body and mind. It is natural, sustainable, healthy, timeless, relaxing, refreshing and warming.

Linen’s ability to adapt to various temperatures enhances sleep and its natural properties bring about relaxation and support health.

It is made for your well-being, with understanding, care and dedication.


  Sincerely, Sandra Valaine, founder of LinenTerritory